So i'll try to apply for studies in a university and naturaly i have to write a motivational letter. Unfortunately i don't know how to star and what to write in it. I've read most of the topics about motivational letters, but they don't match my situation. I am still in secondary school and don't have any previous expierence that i could mention in that letter. I think that writing motivational leter is crucial and I'd like some advice from you. So could you please help meEmotion: smile

oh and i forgot to mention that i plan to apply for business & marketing studies
HI its mr fox here hope you can help me i work for a company thats called the DIALOGUE GROUPE IN SOUTH AFRICA i am currently working as a agent for a 1year for them have worked for there cape town office as well as the jhb office but now want to move i now i have the drive the back bone but what do i rite ta fox
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maybe u could write three paragraphes:
1. your aplication for business & marketing
2. reasons of interest in business (why u want to do business&marketing) also include ur effort to get in business
3. your wishes to be accepted and get an offer in business & marketing + warmest closing

good luck

best regards.

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