I wrote an article but got a comment "looks and sounds like word salad"...........Please, someone, check these sentences and tell what`s wrong.

1. Today Michelin released Beijing Guide...and no one likes it!

2. Don`t believe to fake Michelin Beijing Guide! 10 restaurants recommended by locals

3. Today, the first Michelin Guide Beijing was released and already made a lot of noise among the Chinese users in Weibo.

P.S. it`s original. I already figured out about no "to" before "fake"



I think it wasn't kind to call your sentences "word salad." A word salad makes no sense, is illogical, and the words are often used incorrectly. Your sentences have mistakes, but they are easy to understand. So don't feel bad about that comment from your teacher or whoever told you that.

Today The Beijing Michelin Guide was released, and no one likes it.

Don't believe the fake Beijing Michelin Guide. Refer to the ten restaurants that were recommended by locals.

Today the first Beijing Michelin Guide was released, and it already created a lot of talk among the Chinese in Weibo.