what makes me get most mad is

or what makes me get mad most is

thanks and sorry if an anounimos post appear i mistake the botton
Hi Daniel,

I think the two sentences are different in meaning.

"most" in "what makes me get most mad is" is an adverb modifying the next word, "mad." Naurally the meaning becomes 'very mad' here.

The other one in "what makes me get mad most is" is also an adverb, but it modifies the verb instead. Therefore, it means 'get mad to the greatest extent' in this context.


i see, thanks a lot,i didnt know that ,but if i say any of them isn't the same?,i mean i want to express the madness to it greatest extent,and i agree the second one is allow ,but shouln't be the first one as well?i know the adverb most modify in one the adj. and in the other one ,the verb ,but am i not saying the same thing in any of the sentences?
thanks a lot