Hi all

______ John was exhausted but he still managed to win

a) although
b) even though

Which is the correct one & why?? Thks in advance!
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For me, it would sound better without the "but":
although/even though John was exhausted, he still managed to win

about the difference between although/even though I can't say...
Both have a similar meaning, and you could use either in your sentence. They mean "in spite of the fact that".

I agree with the Guest that "but" should not be part of that sentence.

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But what if it's a MCQ whereby these 2 options are included, so which one is correct???
Both are correct, provided that the sentence loses the "but", which doesn't belong in it.
You ask which is correct, but neither are correct in the example you used ! Ditch the but.
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Giver her a break and answer her question guys, she's obvioulsy a student of English.

Good answer here: http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/EvenThoughThough/xrgx/Post.htm#68898
hi there, dear you can not use although/even though with but, say: although John was exhausted, he managed to win,you also used still in your sentence , how much conjuctions and subordinates etc, we can use one, although/even though, or still or but. try it yourself
Anonymoushi there, dear you can ...
Please realize that it is not appropriate to address strangers, such as members of a forum, as "dear". Save that for your family members and very close friends and in the formula for beginning letters. Emotion: smile

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