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thanks for helping but also whats the diference between great britain and the uk

and also whats the difference between the british isles and england
Well, as we said, Great Britain is the name of the largest British Isle, and it contains the countries of England, Scotland and Wales.

The UK = England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

England is one of the countries. Take a look at an Atlas and it should all become clear.
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What is the difference between England and the uk
Nona has just answered that.
good answers!
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Quartttwhat's the difference between BRITISH ISLES,GREAT BRITAIN and UNITED KINGDOM?
The kingdoms of Scotland and England were united to form Great Britain. Both Scotland and England still had their own Parliaments though until 1707 when they merged politically to form the United Kindom of Great Britain - which is basically Scotland, England and Wales. Ireland then joined around 1800 and the term became The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, until what is now the Republic of Ireland seceeded from the union and so we have the current term of The United Kindom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The British Isles is the collective term for all 'mainland' Britain and its Islands.
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