Hello guys...

could you please explain to me what is the difference, between "teeth" and "tooth"??

and which one is the correct sentence below:
*i just brushed my teeth.
*i just brushed my tooth.

highly appreciate for your help..

thanks before

best regards,

One tooth.

Two or more teeth.

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One tooth/foot/hand/book/child.
Two teeth/feet/hands/books/children.
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thank you very much for your explianation!!
really helpful!

tooth is singular while teeth is plural..
if it is one then tooth, if it is more than one then teeth
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so it should be teethbrush not toothbrush?
Anonymousso it should be teethbrush not toothbrush?
Did you check your dictionary, Anon?
teeth is plural meaning a lot but tooth is singular meaning only one"And i just brushed my teeth" is the correct one
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Singular form-tooth/foot/goose/mouse/louse/man/woman/child / ox
Plural form-teeth/feet/geese/mice/ lice /men/women/children/oxen

The correct variant is-And i just brushed my teeth.
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