Mohammed was not the man to give an exclusive devotion to any one woman, but there is no doubt that, within the limit set by the polygamy, he was genuinely fond of his wife and benefactress.

"the limit set by the polygamy", what does it mean? especially the "limit set" part.

as i know,Mohammed is the Islam prophet ,and they can marry with four women according to Islam law,and four is the limit.

does "the limit set" here have anything to do with what i said above?

thank you !
Sandy Hodoes Does "the limit set" here have anything to do with what i I said above?
Yes. If you say "According to Islamic law they can marry only four women (and no more)", you are saying that Islamic law sets a limit of four on the number of wives. Four is the limit (maximum number) which is set by the law. Four is the limit set.

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The legal speed limit set by the State of California on interstate highway is 70 mph.

"Set by..." is a passive construction used quite commonly in English.
thank you ,that's the answer I'm looking for.