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I think people need more freedom and Emotion: stick out tonguereligious rights especially
Chinese has some big problem about economy. Lower salary leads to lower safety, leads to higher saving but lower consume. It's economy depends on import and export too much. It isn't sustainable.

I'm very worried about my home country, China. Thanks all your guys' support.
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I think the people voted for China are all from china.
my feling for china...

I have two feelings about the People's Republic of China: I wish that the government would not be so harsh toward people who ask for more democracy, and I wish that the people of China would treat one another with more respect.
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Even though i m not care about politic so much,it's nothing to do with me,at least ,china become biger more and more ,apart from military,economy and so on,but china is a traditional country you know ,in china ,you can not access facebook ,twitter and so on ,many entertrment website you can not access directly,all because of politic factors.

If you want to know what I think about China, I heard that China makes a lot of fake products, has very strict internet restriction worse than Indonesia, and extremely omnivorous. I am sorry if there are Chinese offended here, but what I said is nothing compared to most Indonesian religious people in general. At least I don't think like Chinese attempt to invade Indonesia like they said.