"Dude" is the informal way to call "Man". What is the female equivalent folks?


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i think it's "gal"

I see 'gal' more as the opposite of 'guy'.

For 'dude', perhaps the female would be 'chick' or 'babe'?

Interestingly, 'babe' can also be used as a term of endearment for both male and female. If anyone remembers, Sonny and Cher sang, to each other, "I got you, babe".

Best wishes, Clive
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What about "kid"?

Hey Clive, believe it or not dudette is actually listed in dictionary.com as an entry!!!

Main Entry: dudette
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: the female version of a dude, a cool girl
Usage: slang

Personally I think the female version should be called plain 'dud' Emotion: wink unless she is a 'bombshell.'
Dude and chick?

Oh, Clive suggested that already. Never mind.
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"Dudette" usually has "humorous" overtones.

The speaker often gives a little laugh, after saying it. (Everyone else just smiles wanly.)

" dudette " - female dude.


to keep t short the female version is dudette
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