Blue is his favourite colour. Chocolate is his passion. Poetry is his favourite subject. His photos are really good. He's dumbly shy but his words are creative. He has an excellent sense of humour. He is a musical angel. His personality is everywhere but you can find him nowhere. An important clue, he likes teasing me. Tell me if you need more clues. It's dead easy.
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That was too easy Maj. The answer is Poetic Pieter.
No, it isn't. I know Pieter is poetic but it is not poetic Pieter. By the way, we have two poets called Peter, which complicates things a bit, more confusion for my poor mind. The second one likes jumping in hot water baths at night. I find that very relaxing if you don't miss the tube. lol.
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Is it MAI
Definitely not.
I have no idea, I just know that Woodward likes chocolate, but about the rest of things, I can't know.
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I am sure somebody here knows the answer.
give some clues.
Is he really living being. Is he still alive.
I hope so!
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