Hi every one.

One of places where I work as teacher starts to use "Natural English" as its teach book. I like to know your ideas about this book and if you prefer "Headway" or "Interchange" to this book.

I have not used Natural English, but Headway and Interchange are pretty useless as a whole. Pieces of them have value as learning tools.
Thank you very much for your reply.

Then which book you use in classes? Which book you recommend?

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Because I have been teaching so long, I use bits and pieces of lots of textbooks (many of them out of print now) along with tasks of my own device. After more than 20 years of teaching, I have an exercise for just about every problem at every level, I think. For low-level students I sometime use a 2-book series called Fifty-Fifty— BUT I use an early edition (1990s) because I do not like the current version at all: they revised it to mimic Interchange. The earlier edition is very simply designed, very efficient, and has a lot of interactive tasks as well as reasonably natural listening tapes.

But that information may not be of much use to you, sorry.
Thank you very much for explaining completely. I'm new teacher and I am going to use your experience. I can't use you reference, but I can do something like that. After 20 years of teaching, you already know what students need in their level which is very important in teaching. I hope I earn the experience as soon as possible.

Thanks again for you complete answer.
Thank you guys.I got some information about yours thread.
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Natural English is excellent, there students books; activity books and supplementary material in the form of the reading and writing books at each of the levels is superb.

It is probably the best set of textbooks, and was suggested by my teacher trainer about 12 years ago around the time when it first came out.

Its definitely worth checking out as a resource.