My man shold be my friend too. It will be great if I can talk with him abot everything. It's not the most important thing if he is handsome and good looking, more important for me is what's he has in his head. If he is intelligent person and has got good sense of humour I won't bored with him. I don't want to make here a list of qualities that my future man wil have. I know that there aren't ideal people so my ideal man doesn't exist so what should I really expect about him? Well I suppose that he have to just really love me and if I really love him too he will seem to me ideal. What more can I say - "All you need is love.":)
for me, my ideal man should love me as I am, and accept my past and my present. For the future, he should love children, and spend time with his family and friends. Good looking or not as far as I'm concerned, the most important is what he has in his heart. The beautiful is not what you can see with your eyes, but with your heart. [:^)]
for sure, the perfect person doen't exist but this person can come closer to your ideal. It seems to me that for the moment my boyfriend is quite close to my ideal. I don't know how it will be then, but...will see

As for me, I want a girl who loves me just as I am, accept my past and my present self, be grateful with herself, and not older than me.
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Evelyne, you are great! Best wishes to you and be lucky in finding This Excellent Man!