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Summer in Finland can be warm, but it may also be rather cold and short. According to meteorologists, this summer has been the coldest in 50 years! Summer fell on a Friday, I thought, but now it seems to have returned. Great! I'll attach a couple of pictures just to prove myself that I am still able to use this feature.

Flowers in Helsinki's Esplanade Park.

A downtown pedestrian street. The tower of the Central Railway Station is in the background.

A floating restaurant and bar.

The Corinthian from Malta.

Correct wiring is important. Otherwise there may be interruptions in power supply. (Phuket, Thailand)

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Cool BreezeA floating restaurant and bar.

I didn't know that floating restaurants exist in real world. It reminds me to Baratie in One Piece.

A rooftop restaurant in the Old Town, Rhodes.

A restaurant on a pedestrian street in Rhodes Town.


Hi, CB!

Are you on holidays in Greece?

There are innumerable places to see!

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Stephanie 1Are you on holidays in Greece?

I was. I came back last Saturday. I usually go to Rhodes because I have some good friends there, both Greek and Finnish.


I hope you had a good time!

Greetings from Greece. Emotion: smile

This is Palma de Mallorca.


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Not everything is modern in Finland.