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RuslanaWow, so this is where that face is taken from! You know, I definetely like the right guy more, so thanks that you haven't chosen the left angry one.

It's just a temporary avatar, Ruslana. I was unable to use my old one for technical reasons and since I had long been wondering about these stone faces next to the insurance company's former entrance, I decided to take a picture of one of the guys and use it as my avatar. I'm almost as handsome as Mister Micawber, aren't I?Emotion: stick out tongue I shall eventually replace the stone face with something else, I just don't know yet with what.

Cheers, CB

Well, your skin colour is a bit different from MrM's, and he has longer hair... I hesitate to say who's more handsome.

Well, another shot of mine. Up to the sky. Emotion: smile

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I took these ones just about an hour ago!! It was a thunderstorm coming, and the sky became coloured into rich shades.

I made a trip to Porvoo today. Porvoo is an old town that is situated about 50 kilometres east of Helsinki. It was first mentioned in some documents in the early 14th century and has been devastated by fires several times. No Porvoo buildings are as old as the town. Even the old church has burned a few times, but has always been restored to its old splendour. A river called the Porvoonjoki river flows through the town. The bars and restaurants that line the riverside are popular with tourists. I had salmon for lunch in one of them today.

The Soviet Union began a war against Finland in 1939 and we had to pay enormous "compensation" to the Soviets after the Second World War. After that was completed in the mid-1950s, the living standard began to rise sharply and in the 60s it became the norm to demolish many old buildings in many towns and cities. Shrewd estate agents had modern housing and shopping centres built where historic buildings had been. Fortunately Porvoo escaped that. As a consequence, many of the old wooden buildings are still there by the riverside and tourists roam the narrow cobblestoned streets of the Old Town.

Actually, Pucca, I don't think old Porvoo is as beautiful as the port of Mogan, but it's the best - or the second best Finland can offer. Some old towns on the west coast may be even more beautiful. Old Turku is also very picturesque but I don't have any pictures of it at the moment.

An Old Town street

You can manage even if you don't speak Finnish!

Restaurants by the riverside

Modern housing

Anyone for ice cream?

This old boat is just a decoration

The old fire station, all covered in Virginia creeper

An interior view of the church, built in the 15th century

The church

A Porvoo park

A riverside restaurant

A riverside bar

A riverside view

Another riverside view

A very old shoemaker's

Old wooden houses by the riverside

An old wooden hotel building

A shack covered by Virginia creeper

Cheers, CB
Thanks, Abil! It has a title. It's called "Dream shore". What about you? Do you have any recent pics to post?

I don't know how to post a picture. But I know how to copy / download it and in fact, I have got plenty of pics downloaded from internet. Your "Dream shore" is also now in my collection. What is the
title of the latest one? The soft, spongy clouds seem to be in league with the deep blue sky to mistify surrounding!
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"the latest one" here means the second pic. As soon as I clicked to post my earlier message, all of your pics came flooding on to my screen, puting my message at the bottom.
Cool pictures, CB! It looks so picturesque that I got a wish to have look at that in real. In fact, small towns attract me in a way because they seem so cosy. They are absolutely different from big mad cities (such as Moscow) swarming with people who are always in a hurry to somewhere and hardly notice anything around (I'm one of those people, especially in a rush hour, lol).

Abil, I don't have any fantastic titles for the last photos I posted, so you can come up with everything you like. Emotion: wink You need to have Java in order to upload pictures here in the forum...
RuslanaI took these ones just about an hour ago!! It was a thunderstorm coming, and the sky became coloured into rich shades.

Thank you for your kind words, Ruslana. You must have gone to art school to take the above pictures!
Cheers, CB
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Thank you too, CB! I haven't gone to any art school, in fact, and it's pleasant to hear such words.
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