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optilangIt's probably my fault for finally succeeding with my post.

It's not unusual for me to be the fly in the ointment.

Opti, you may be a man of many capabilities but we can hardly give you credit for my posting problems! Emotion: smile I have sent Hitchhiker an e-mail and I trust that he'll solve the problem.

Hitchhiker assures me that the uploading problem has been fixed. It was something to do with the processing of characters like commas and spaces and so forth in the names of the pictures. I'll upload the four pictures of boats that didn't make it last time.

Daily departures to Stockholm. 14 decks, lots of bars and restaurants, two night clubs, saunas, swimming pool. Cabins for 2,500 people.

One of the boats that take people to the Suomenlinna fortress.

This one is coming from Tallinn, Estonia. The fastest boats cover the distance in 90 minutes.

Another boat that cruises to Stockholm.

Cheers, CB
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Lol! Look how Mariella undermines the small boat. It is really like a small mouse next to her.
There are 38 beaches in Helsinki, some of them very small. The sun was out today and I took a picture of one of the small beaches. This one is by a river, the Vantaa, which flows through Helsinki. The water looks rather bad but that is because much of the river bed is clay or mud, which colours the water. People wouldn't swim in the water if it hadn't been tested in a lab.

The municipality should pay you CB. Emotion: smile
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DollThe municipality should pay you CB.

Thank you, Doll. Here's another view of the same river. It's only five kilometres from the heart of the city but has not been built up because of its natural beauty and the ruggedness of the terrain.

This is the outer orbital motorway for drivers who don't want to spend time in downtown traffic jams.

{Edited by mod to make the picture visible.}

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A shopping mall.

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