Hey guys!

I believe that a lot of you like taking pictures. So I suggest that we post here our shots - it can be scenery, architecture, your town or country sights, objects, portraits, animals, action shots, food... Anything you like!

Just three points to pay attention to:

- it must be one of your most recent pictures taken in the past 3 days!
- some Photoshop (or another editor) handling is okay, but don't let a shot lose its natural beauty. [f]
- some comments about a photo are also welcome.

Let's get started! Emotion: smile

This was taken in a park nearby my home place. After a pouring rain, some haze arose over the pond, and the sunset rays coloured that all into yellow.


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Beautiful picture! Why don't you give ti a title?
Thanks, Abil! It has a title. It's called "Dream shore". Emotion: smile What about you? Do you have any recent pics to post?
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Nice picture, thanks Ruslana. Please what type of camera are you using? That photo has an excellent colour resolution, so I really like to know what it is...:-).
I have also a lot of similar photos of the my hometown, but that HTML widget, which is designated for the photo inserting doesn't work for me. And I still didn't figure out why? Emotion: crying
But greetings to Russia!...:-)
Hey JC,

Generally I use Sony CyberShot W-55, but that one in particular was taken with W-100. But I think it's not the camera that makes a shot beautiful. At least, it's not the only thing. Some PhotoShop editing is never superfluous, in my opinion. Emotion: smile

Maybe you can't upload images because you haven't installed Java or anything like that. If your pictures are uploaded somewhere in the net, you can also share them with us using the special code [*img] insert a pic url here [/img*] (leave out the stars to use it).

Sony CyberShot W-55, hmm nice one!

In fact, I'm thinking about new camera, my Minolta Z1 is a little obsolete...:-) Maybe I'll buy it too.

I'll try to post the photos again once I arrive to my home...I kind of have a hunch where the problem is.

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Yup, this is exactly what I use! I've got a pink one! [a] Hope you'll succeed in posting soon.

Well... no more pictures yet. Let me keep on uploading them then.

This one was taken just a few hours ago. Slowly the sky covered with creeping clouds, and wind was benting the grass... Emotion: smile

Here's a picture of my avatar. I'm the guy on the right. Emotion: smilePohjola is an old insurance company and this used to be their building. I don't think they have their offices in this old building anymore. Such companies try to impress would-be customers with fancy glass boxes these days.

Two Helsinki smiles
Wow, so this is where that face is taken from! You know, I definetely like the right guy more, so thanks that you haven't chosen the left angry one. Emotion: big smile
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