Love is a tree
It gives everyone the shadow to be!
But gives the Fruit only to those who are dedicated
with out getting a penny.
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so nice my dear Vinodram

take care

ambitious from Yemen
Heh! Vinodram, so I am wrong I said that you were not a romantic boy. Many months, now I come back this forum I've found you are little changed. I really like your tree, it realizes me to be a good tree like this for somebody under my shadow that now he feels very hot mostly. I hope somebody under your shadow would love and take care the tree also.

But how the tree can give fruit only to somebody! Tree can not choose, tree is still giving everything to everybody but the person who really dedicate to the tree he will get the sweetest fruit by the rule of nature. What do you think with my idea?
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Sorry but I am afraid I don't understand it.
Thanks Candle
I was much impressed by all your poems in that section.The Tree I mention in this is the life which everyone lives but some have it most wonderful to be in it but not all. That's the meaning of the FRUIT that I mentioned.
Come on Maj
What you cant understand?
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Love is a glass
Hold it if not it breaks
When holded tight it still, breaks
When holded light it slips and still, breaks
So take care of lovedones but dont think to rule through it.
love is a glass!!!
Hold it but not too tight
Have it but not to die
Acquire it but not for pride
Say it and dont get in to fight...
love is like dreaming
love is like flying
love is to love..
for everything..
that u sees in u r love..
love is a pain
love is a fear
love is to hate
for when it doesn't happen in reall
when it gives pain ,when it gives u tear
when it takes u r whole life..
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