Hi, In the "Rick & Morty" TV series S01E01, Jerry said to his wife:

Whoa! What is this on the floor? Some kind of literature for a really nice-looking nursing home. Hey, honey, crazy idea bad pitch, let's put your dad here. Let's put your dad in a nursing home.

I understand the meaning of the whole sentence, but I can't understand the reason for using bad pitch after "crazy idea.." Is it phrasal verb or idiom?
English is not my first language

Armin Sheikh" Is it phrasal verb or idiom?

Not that I am aware of. I can only guess that it refers to the sport of baseball, where a bad pitch is one that gets away from the pitcher, usually called a wild pitch. There is also the sort of pitch that is a scripted talk for selling something. I don't know what the writers were thinking when they put "bad pitch" in there. It sounds like bad writing to me, but maybe there is something I'm not seeing.

I think it’s in reference to sort of when you throw out an Idea or something in a meeting,