Hi, Mr.Geek!

Thank you very much for your answers. Concerning to that sentence "They are all together ooky", I took it from the theme song lyrics "The Addams Family", but I have already looked for this word in lots of different places without finding the answer (perhaps the lyrics is wrong?!).

When I said "the person who makes birthday" , I intended to know how to say in English the word "aniversariante" (in Portuguese), I mean the the word related to the person who in a specific date is getting older.

Finally could you also tell me how to say the following?

- What is the exact difference between to celebrate and to commemorate, once both is basically the same in meaning . For example in this case:

Our Lady's/São Sebastian party (homage) is celebrated (or commemorated) on .(date)............. ;

- Talking about the word "saint", its abbreviation is São or San ?; and

- On a bible how to read this , for example, Lucas 23:47 ?

Thanks once more for your help,

Wow, a personal request! How flattering. (By the way, I'm female. So, techincally, Ms. Geek, but feel free to call me Barb.)

I had forgotten all about The Addams Family song. "ooky" was no doubt made up for this song to rhyme with (if I remember correctly) "spooky." Pretend it means "weird."

Personally, I think of celebrations as joyous, and the things you celebrate tend to be happy events. Also, a celebration tends to be an event, but a commemoration could be a thing. A commemorative plaque or a commemorative coin, for example. I think of commemoration as more solemn or in honor of events that were not happy. It will be interesting to hear from other members if they share my thoughts on this. (Commemorations don't have to be sad, of course. But you woudn't have a celebration in honor of a tragic event.)

Saint is usually St.or simply spelled out.

For the bible versus, in churches I've been to, you would say "from the book of Luke, Chapter 23, verse 47." For the gospels, you can also say "From the gospel according to Luke, chapter 23, verses 47 through 49." I've also heard things like "From Paul's letter to the Ephesians, chapter 7, verses 40 through 48" or something similar. This may be different by denomination, so again, I'd like to hear from others how this is said.
Hello, Ms. Geek (Barb.)!

Thanks for answering my questions one more time and I'm very sorry to refer to you as being a man, but you know, for foreigners sometimes it 's difficult to identify in a first moment , if that name/surname is from a man or a woman (except when it's so common such as: Mary, John Smith, Catherine etc...)

Best regards,

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Truly, Luiz, it's no problem. But why don't you register on the forums?

you may consider "the man of the day"
(but perhaps it's too historical)

birthday boy/girl
(more informal)
Hello, Mr. Hancu!

Thank you for your explanation about the word "aniversariante" in English.

Best regards,

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Hi, Ms.Geek!

Thanks for inviting me to register on this forum . In fact I didn't register myself yet because my participation would be sporadic, for example, only in case of doubts. But it is a so interesting site that I've been thinking about it.

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