This idiom(?) seems odd to me as I cannot look it up in any dictionary. It comes from Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.
I am confused with it. What does it mean?
Thanks in advance.

'I told you,' Glick said, typing some more keys. 'The British Tattler isn’t the only paper that runs stories on these guys. Macri peered closer. Glick was right.BBC database showed their distinguished network as having picked up and run six stories in the past ten years on the brotherhood called the Illuminati. Well paint me purple, she thought. “Who are the journalists who ran the stories?" Macri asked “Schlock jocks?" “BBC doesn’t hire schlock jocks"
It doesn't mean anything.
It is just her way of expressing surprise and amazement like these expressions:
"Well, I'll be damned!"
"Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!"

I found this this meaning of "Well paint me purple" on the site Web "the urbain dictionary ":

1) another way of saying ur guilty

2) calling yourself out in a guilty manner
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Thank you very much! I get you.
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it's a reference to "color me purple" because what do you do with paint? Color. Derp derp.