I've been watching the Gilmore girls Season 5 episode 19 about Rory realized that She cannot do the casual dating thing then told Logan, but seems that Logan didn't get it even Rory explained it. Finally she said"I need a taco."

After searching in the internet, I can't find out the meaning of "I need a taco."
What's the meaning of "I need a taco."?

Below is the part of scripts.

-Can I come in?
|- Sure.You want to sit down?
Nope.Got to stay vertical.What?
You have, like, an octagon-imprint|on your face.-
I can't do this anymore, Logan.
- Do what? 
This casual dating thing, I don't like it.It's not who I am and I don't want to make it who I am.
Hold on here.Where's this coming from?
It's coming from me, the ravishing creature standing in front of you.
- We talked about this.
- I know.
I didn't make you do this.
I know.I'm not accusing you of anything.|This isn't your fault.
I don't understand.I thought everything|was going well.
What are you talking about?|I haven't heard from you in a week.
I was busy.I had some friends in town
You know what? It doesn't matter.You're not my boyfriend.|You don't owe me any explanations.I just don't want to be|one of the many anymore.
Rory, come on.
- Hey, Logan, Cassandra's on the phone.
|- Take a message.
She's got a great accent.
Where's she from? 
- Lanny, message!
- Fine, relax, man, jeez.
- Go call Cassandra back.We're done here.
- How are we done here? 
- I said everything I have to say.
- Which is what?
I'm a girlfriend girl, Logan.|I have boyfriends, not escorts.I thought I could be different.|But I can't.I'm sorry.Maybe we can just go back|to being friends again.
Or maybe we can become - boyfriend and girlfriend, right?
- What? 
- I get it.I get what you're doing.
- I'm not doing anything.
If that's what you want,|just come out and say it.But you coming in here,
issuing an ultimatum? 
I am not issuing an ultimatum.
- That's not what I heard.
- I said, "Let's be friends."
- That's not what you meant.
|- I need a taco.
akuei|- I need a taco.

She is tired of this fruitless conversation. She changes the subject.

In the scene before we learn that the food taco is the perfect medicine for a hangover in the Gilmore household. The conversation give her a headache, as she still not feeling well and need a taco to get over it.