Hi. everyone. I wanna ask about the meaning ' Qualification attained ' when I write down my education history.

I need to fill up one form that company required for candidates...then they asked the insutituation name of your education and qualification attained. I can wirte down my university name and my degree..however when I write down about high school, what kind of thing should I write down as Qaulification attaines ?

Insutitution name Qualification attained

xxxxxxx University Bachelor of XXXXXX

xxxxxxxHigh School ????????????????

If someone know about this, could you give me some advise and teach me whats about Qualification attained???

Thanks for your time and kindness. chip322
If you have received a university degree, then there is no need to mention high school. If they specifically require it however, just list the high school qualification as 'diploma'.
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Thanks very much for your replying and time for my question.

Best wishes, chip322
hi friend
Qualification attained means ur education qualification (eg:bachelor of arts,bachelor of technologies)