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Death penalty is the last thing that people should ever do.

In consideration of the topic of the “death penalty,” I am a bit more liberal on this issue. Although I am republican, when someone commits murder—but is wrongfully convicted, then this is wrong. Think about the oldest set of laws: Hamarabi’s Laws from ancient Mesopotamia, or even in the Bible: “an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth.” When one person murders another, they are habitually killing, especially in the judicial system, ie the United States. It is wrong to kill in the first place, but if one takes a life, they should have theirs taken too—but this doesn’t solve anything: it only perpetuates. Killing is wrong in general, but when they are allowing executioners to end the murderer’s life, therefore they too, are committing the most wrongful act.

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thinking about life without death annoyed me .death is nice and it'll help you to be free .

I think that the death penalty is a fair punishment for those criminals who really deserve it - killers and abusers. If a person has done something horrible like having murdered or dishonoured someone, then he/she must be sentenced to death. It might seem cruel but if people commit such kids of a crime and aren't going, it's worth to stop the defaulter faster than letting them live in prison until they die themselves.

It was a real pleasure to read your argument. What a shame it's over

What about YoHf's essay ?

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