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in my opinion death is the fact of evry life person.
In Australia we no longer have the death penalty. I think our last criminal to be executed was in the 1960's by hanging.
I personally think we should have the death penalty for criminals who show no respect for human life. We have a couple locked up now who are convicted of sexually abusing, torturing and murdering children. There is no doubt this couple are guilty.
So often people who have commited rape or other violent crimes more than once, get out yet again and do it again. Devastating more lives.
I think it is a miss placed sense of morality that keeps these people alive.
What good does it do?

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I think that it should be kept as an option...
I am not adamantly opposed to the idea of taking a criminal's life if his crime record justifies it. It's the fact that innocent people are killed in the process as well that bothers me. There are numerous cases in which it has eventually turned out that the executed "criminal" was not guilty of the crime or crimes he was charged with at all. Capital punishment is irrevocable.
I am actually all for the death penalty if a prisoner himself prefers it to life imprisonment. I consider it a more humane solution than keeping a person behind bars all his life. In such cases the executee's* guilt must be established beyond the slightest doubt.
*I know there is no such word.Emotion: smile
In my opinion a life imprisonment is more severe as a punishment and at the same time it gives a possibility to change the kind of ounishment in case of a mistake.
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This question is being discussed all over the world with different conclusions. As it has been already said:
1. death penalty is an absolute penalty which cannot be remedied - in case when person who was sentenced will later be found innocent (so called "lapse of justice"). These things happen sometimes intentionally (when the government wants someone to disappear) or accidentally (when judge makes a mistake or doesn't have all necessary information)
2. death penalty prevents pathologic criminals from commiting another crime - this can be achieved as well by a life imprisonment in isolation
3. death penalty is cheaper for the state than life imprisonment - there were calculations which neglected this - using an electric chair is not so cheap
4. right to live is a fundamental right of every human being - you don't have right to kill anybody. Doing this as a punishment for murders is like becoming the same murder as the sentenced person
5. there were situations when the person sentenced to death penalty changed his personality and was behaving as a "good prisoner". I don't say that he should be set free in this situation but he can do lot of good things in his future life (despite being in prison). I've seen beautiful paintings and sculptures made by prisoners. By killing this person, you neglect them an opportunity to change themselves and become self-possesed
I've talked about this problem with a professor of penology (science about execution of punishments, related to criminal law) who is a former prosecutor. He was present at several executions of death penalties and said that it were the worst moments in his life. When observing this, he realized that there is nothing useful about this punishment. He told me one more thing: "As a civilization of humanity, we must believe that every person is in his deep essence good and there is always a chance that the criminal will find his inner peace one day. Until this day we have to keep him out of society, talk to him and teach him how to be good. If nevertheless all this fails, we still do not have the right to kill him, because we will become the same villains as we consider him, and what is more, we would resign from the very basic idea of humanity which forms our society." I believe his words are sincere and wise. I had a chance to visit several prisoners and this changed my attitude to punishments in general.
You will never understand what does it mean to be sentenced for a year imprisonment (which appears to be really minor punishment) until you spend an hour or a day in prison
I'm completely against death penalty for many reasons. First, I don't believe we have the right to kill someone else (even if this person hurt us or destroy our lives). Second, everyone must have a chance to become a better person and thrid, would you like to see someone killing your son or your sister? Of course not! Even if he or she killed a person we should not continue these mistakes.

In my country, Brazil, we don't have death penalty. Most of the criminals stay in jail for, at least, 30 years. However, I must admint that Brazil's justice is corrupt and weak. Most of the time the prisoners run away or pay for their freedom. In my country I don't feel safe when I go out at night. Something has to change, but I don't believe that death penalty will end the criminality or make us safe.
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