Pakistan is a realy beautiful country. Land of hospitable and honest people. what do you think? some people have negative feeling about Pakistan. In my opinion they are mis-informed. Do you have some quetions ask me
I have some friends that are Pakistanians... There are no problems that I can see so far, therefore I ahve good feelings towards them. Emotion: smile
i love pakistan people because most of my friends were from pakistan so i've good feeling to them
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I haven`t been to Pakistan yet,but I have known this Country when I was a kid,

I am Chinese, We all consider that Pakistan as a friend to our Country,

I hope that I will have a chance to visit your Country,

also I want make friends with you,

My emal:

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Pakistan is good country if the army search all hoise and take all public weapons into custody . No weapon for anyone even for safety . Thn pakistan xan find piece

what's your opinion about Pakistan enviornment

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Thnx for such a good thinking about our homeland