"...We will we will rock you..."a lot of songs,they sing that:"rock you..."what is that meaning?

What's the mean:"Rock you"?
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Yeah, I hear that very often.. It has become an expression in our country. Sometimes they even say it like "You rock"

I think it means the same thing as "you are so cool " [H]


IF [A]
I think that's not the meaning... I think it is used meaning "shake you", like "we will make you shake, we will make you rock".
Like when you hear "rock your body, shake your body, etc."

The other possible meaning of "rock" is only possible when the verb is used as an interansitive verb (= no object follows):
This forum rocks! = This forum is awesome! = This forum is cool! = This forum is sweet! = This forum kicks ass! Emotion: smile
Some people are also starting to use "sick": This forum is sick! Emotion: smile
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Haha,now I got it,maybe is just like'rush''cool'...this kind of word.

thank you guys!!
Yeah! Rock you! hehe! (just having fun here...) Emotion: wink


IF [A]
In Blues lyrics, to rock someone means to make love, to cause a intense feeling..... but it may have lots of meanings, depending on the situation.

In this case (the Queen song) i guess it means they wanna make the audience feel great, feel the impact of the music.... the impact of old good Rock and Roll.

Thats it..... Rock On!!!
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If you listen to the rest of the song, it seems to me to be a sports metaphor. It means to defeat your opponent totally.

You got blood on your face, big disgrace, waving your banner all over the place.
We will, we will, rock you.

Though it is open to interpretation, I can't disagree with the other interpretations above.
i have heard it in songs.........i think rocking means enjoy to the core??????

What ever it means..it continues to ROCK America

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