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'Was' is used in the context of the sentence where U want to tell about something that happened in the past. It means it actually did happen.

e.g. When I was a kid, I was very naughty...

'Were' is used where U want express possibility of the situation or wish.

e.g. If I were a millionaire...I'd do ....

Were is used with a singular person only when U talk about possibility or wish...At all other times, it is used with plural form. [H]
When you're speculating, use "if I were" instead of "if I was."
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It's been a long time since you asked, but, let's go:
Most of the time you will use "I was", because most of the time you use the "indicative mood".
On the other hand, when you intend to express an emotion, an opinion, an action not yet occurred, or a wish, as in your example, you should use the "subjunctive mood" and that is the "I were" as MS Word keeps saying you should've written.
Hello. I'm Borislav. I'm from Bulgaria so excuse if I make some grammar mistakes. My english teacher told me that I should use "I were" when I say something that is impossible. Just like "I wish I were God". You say "were" because you will never be God. It's impossible. And you say "I wish I was thinner" because you can be thinner! I hope the information I gave you is useful Emotion: smile))

i think "I were" is used (and is more correct) if one is talking about hypothetical situations. E.g. "If she were queen, she'd be mean" "If I were a boy" (Beyonce). So, the key is really "if" earlier in the sentence, to say that this is a hypothethical situation. LIke "If I were onboard a spaceship...etc". Hope this helps! Email Removed">Email Removed
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I was.

When you have a subjunctive clause (IF clause) you would use "were."

Example: If I were going to Islamabad, I would take you with me
When you're talking about a hypothetical situation (Conditional):

If I were rich, I'd.......

You use "I were"

Otherwise, you use "I was..."
But how about his...

I was late for church and my friend told me,
Friend :The pastor said something about being late for church did you hear him?
Me: No. I did not.
Friend: Maybe you were not there yet.
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You always takes the 'were' plural form of to be. In the same way you say you 'are' in present tense.
Only '1st'(i was/if i were) and third (he/she/it was) uses the singular 'was' form.
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