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Abraham Suffyso this question was never answered??????
On the contrary, from what I see, my answer is just above your post, and it's one of the shortest and simplest answers in the thread.

what about the sentence: "If I was you.. I wanna be me too" (a line from a song) do you wanna tell me that the singer is wrong? (just interested)
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AnonymousI wanna be me too
The singer is wrong. "Wanna" is not a valid English word.

"I want to be me." That makes no sense. I am "me" whether I want to be or not.
Anonymousa line from a song
Songs very frequently imitate the language of the kind of person who is supposed to be singing the song, even if that's a person who does not use formal, academic grammar. That's why the language used in most songs is inappropriate as a model for English learners.

"wanna" is a good example. The correct form is "want to", but you seem not to know that, possibly because you're imitating what you see written as song lyrics. It's true that "want to" is very often pronounced "wanna", even by the most educated speakers, but it's never written that way.

AlpheccaStarsI am "me" whether I want to be or not.
Not quite, what about the alter ego?
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Your alter ego, if you have one, is a different person.

are u serious?

lol...u made my day

Excellent reply!

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