"arrive at" and "get to"
- Can you tell me how to get to the airport?
- Can you tell me how to arrive at the airport?

"despite", "although"and "even though"
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arrive at is not idiomatic in that sentence. You need get to.

How to get to a place is the means by which you travel there, the route you take. Get to the airport in a taxi, on a bus, by taking Highway 95, by turning left at the next corner, ...

How to arrive is a strange idea. Arrival is the moment of coming to be at a place. So I suppose you could, in a fanciful way, tell someone how to arrive at the airport like this: You should arrive dressed in a suit and tie. You should arrive with your hair done up in curlers. Arrive at the airport with two suitcases. Arrive in a good mood. Arrive with all your grandchildren. Arrive on time.

although and even though are very close in meaning.

Although he is usually late, he is a good student.
Even though he is usually late, he is a good student.

despite is grammatically a little different but also has a very similar meaning to the other two. It expands to despite the fact that if you want to use it with a clause similar to the patterns above for although and even though.

Despite the fact that he is usually late, he is a good student.
Despite his tardiness/lateness, he is a good student.

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Which word is begining the sentence? and which word not?
OoPAPERooWhich word is begining the sentence? and which word not?
Not sure what you mean.
I mean among these words "despite", "although", "even though", which word is the first word of a sentence, which word isn't?
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Any of them can be the start of a sentence. I believe they all create dependent clauses, so they would require a comma, and then an independent clause.

Despite their political differences, the two were close friends throughout their lives.

Although originally I said we'd go to the park today, the iffy weather forcast has caused me to change my mind.

Even though he is rich and handsome, he is a jerk, and I still don't want to date him.
And which word isn't?
None of them. They ALL can start a sentence.

Do you think that for some reason one of them can't?
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