whats the meaning of the word suck in the following sentence. my teacher thinks that it means : to talk about someone obsequiosly but i think he is wrong and it means : screw up

make sure the speaker didnt suck

It is hard to judge without further context, but it likely means 'make sure the speaker is not a bad speaker'.
where are you from ? are you a native speaker of english ?

i think he is totally wrong, what he meant is this : suck up to sth

but the origonal sentence is what i wrote earlier.

now what do u thing guys . it is importont to me to be sure about . we had a falling out over this one !!!
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If you know, then why do you ask? And why do you not write in correct English if you understand the language so well?

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sorry man . i didnt mean to upset you . i have signed up to learn english . woud you please rectify my mistakes in the sentences written above . thanks a lot .
Hi Nathan,

One thing you can do is use capital letters properly.

You can also put your mouse over the symbols under a person's name to understand what they mean. If you see a checkmark or a teacher's symbol, you can be assured they can answer your questions. I don't know why his teacher symbol has disappeared, but I assure you that Mr. Micawber is more than qualified to answer your questions and you can rely on what he says.

The verb "suck up" is entirely different from "suck," but the latter doesn't mean to screw up. It just means to do it badly.
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Where are you from? Are you a native speaker of English?

I think he is totally wrong. What he meant is this: 'suck up to sth'. However, the original sentence is what I wrote earlier.

Now, what do you think, guys? It is important to me to be sure about this. We had a falling out over this one!