I'm learning English now. I've heard some American sayings like "I'm screwed. you're screwed. or it sucks" that I don't quit catch. would you please tell me what these sayings mean? many thanks in advance.
I'm screwed = I'm in trouble, and there's no way to get out of it. (This problem could be of my own making.)

He screwed me = He did something that caused problems for me.

That sucks = I don't like this at all!

While "screwed" is showing up more often, "sucks" is still considered a very mild "naughty phrase" and could cause offense.
all sexual metaphors for " I have been done down by someone" in the case of "screwed", and "It doesn't meet with my approval" in the case of "sucks - unwise to use in anything except the most informal circumstances.
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thank you very much for your reply.
You need to watch "South Park". It's plenty of "screw you", "it sucks" etc. I recommend this "cartoon"
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