Hello everyone!

I'm currently self teaching myself different dialects and their regions, and I've been listening to Inside a Mind on YouTube and wanted to know what his dialect is. I know he's British, but I wanted to know around what region that dialect would be spoken.

Link here related, it's the guy's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf5POn4NNKIIGmXOu6qhbsQ

Sorry if the question is a little weird but thank you in advance!


That is not a British accent.

cookyuiLink here related

What video? That cartoon? He is an actor doing Hollywood urban American tough guy. It is nominally New York City. It is not real.

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I'd say it's an American actor trying to do a New York Jewish accent, and not always very convincingly.

"Grunkel Stan" is the giveaway.

Compare "Finklestein", "Hammerstein", "Silverstein", all Jewish surnames.


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