Hi! I'm an EFL learner.

I hope to know what's the word of those who do harm to society so that they should be eliminated.

I don't think this is correct but in our dictionary in my country that translated into English, it's listed as 'human trash'.

however, I think I've never heard of 'human trash' when you are saying.

actually, sometimes our english dictionaries are not accurate and even awkward because authors are trying to translate words one to one(1:1).

If your answer is bad words, it's OK. but please mark on those bad words. haha~

Trying to stay close to your original term, you could call them 'trashy people'.


What do youmean by 'do harm to society'?

What do you mean by 'eliminated'? They should be executed?

Have you considered the word 'criminals'?

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No~ haha I don't mean criminals.

I meant junk persons who like to pick a fight and trouble everybody else or cheat others to take advantages or try to come between two people and make a rift or do badmouthing.

Can I use 'junk' to them?

and Is there any other word or expression I can use?

I hope you mark in the brackets amusing(often among friends), offensive(not recommended), old(out of date), recent(up to date, recently used)

Thank you~

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Thank you, Clive~
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