I'm new to this site and I'm hoping that anyone reading this can help.

My name is Stacey Denovchik, I am a graduate student studying Geography, trying to complete research for a thesis. I am trying get information about as many countries and cultures as possible.

I am conducting research on engagement customs around the world. I hope to gather enough information to present a world view of current engagement rituals and contribute to our understanding of global culture.

I have created a online survey to gather information and opinions. It's really short and will take about five minutes. You will be asked questions regarding your country, cultural and family customs.

Please take a few minutes to follow the link below. If you know anyone else that can help please feel free to pass the link along.

This is a voluntary survey, all responses are kept confidential and no names will be requested or recorded. You can choose to quit the survey at any time by closing the server without hitting the submit button.

Thank you so much for your help.

If you have any suggestions as to ways to reach people please let me know. If you want to know the end results let me know.

Your link doesn't work.
I've seen this post somewhere else and I didn't find a word: THE LINK, thank you Nona the Brit for my missing word. This is quite late here a bd unable to say what I think....Do I become a bit old????
Anyway I had the same answer as you but a bit longer for: the link doesn't work.

Thanks again Nona!
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Thank you so much for trying.

This is very frustrating. I am going to try to post this link again. I hope that it works this time.

You do not ask the age or the gender of people participating.
For example, I am sure that most women will say yes to maintaining the engagement ring custom, men might not care so much.
Age is a factor. I am almost 46. I was married and am now divorced. I do not expect to get engaged or married again so I answered the last two questions from my past experience.

Thank you soo much for taking the survey.

It's so hard to pass this along.

I thought about how ages and gender would effect the results, I think that you are completely right. They both make a huge difference in points of view.

My professor and I were talking about how that would make a really good sub-study.

My hope with this first research is to pin down the countries where they give Diamonds as engagement rings.

I hope to see if there is a connection to De Beers.
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Hi Gradstudent,

I am curious to take the survey but your link or URL doesn't work. Can you post the right URL?

PS: Just ignore this message since you I got the right URL from your follow-up message.
Her 2nd URL works well.

I have submited this survey.