when all else fails,
and life is dreary
the load is weighty
and you are weary
nights are lengthy
the wind is cold
the full moon rises
and you feel old
an ancient child
is what you are
you look at your yourself
but you look from afar
you don't look too close
scared of what lies there
inside your soul
is hidden in its lair
when all else fails
you ask your God
to let you understand
why you are a fraud
when all else fails
and you look in the mirror
you hate what you see
but it couldn't be clearer
a child you were
still hides inside
still scared and lonely
and cannot abide
saddness that never leaves
never lets you sleep
never lets you live
and burrows so deep
this child is grown
and baptised in tears
in hardship and sorrow
and anguish and years
a little old child
who waits in desolation
still wondering and hoping
for a new situation
when all else fails
and it always will
this ancient child sees
sunshine on the hill
a super, super good one.
thank you very much Maj
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Yeah, I like d it too. And if Maj says Super, super one you should be proud. She never said this about my poems.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
How can you say that? I can't believe you are jealous. How can you doubt for one minute that you are my super favourite poet? but I thought that poem was good.
hey wait a minute, does that make my poem less than super lol
you guys are great - thanksEmotion: smile
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Hey guys let's have a competition and see you writes the best poem. A prize on offer!
What prize are you thinking of offering Maj? If you win do you get another virtual beer? More virtually drunk people in virtual detox?
Emotion: stick out tongue