I got confused with these words.Example,He just become a dad or He just becomes a dad.I checked in the cambridge dictionary,they constructed the word like this,'He just become a dad.Why not 'he just becomes dad' because the subject He is singular.Can someone teach me and construct some sentences so that i able to see the diffrences between these words?Thank you
If the Cambridge Dictionary really did that, it's a misprint, but I think it more likely that you misread it. That is what I suspect, because all of your sentences are wrong or strange. Please copy and paste the Cambridge entry on this thread so we can have a look at it.

I become / He becomes angry when the team loses.
We all became angry when our team lost.
We have become angry 100 times this year.
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Let me explain this to you using a set of examples -

He becomes a dad after every two years What does this tell you ?
This sentence conveys an observation/fact, and as he is singular, we'd use 'becomes'

Those two guys become dad after every two years
'guys' is plural and requires us to use become. Again, this is an observation/fact.

'He become a dad' is wrong; We'd rather say 'he became a dad'
'became' would tell you that the action has happened , and you're reporting the same.

To become an actor, one has to learn dramatics.
This is a kind of requirement; In this, 'become' means come to be an actor.

Were you able to see the differences ? I hope this reply helps.
Why it is not,
We have became angry 100 times this year.
92MichaelWhen to use become,becomes and became?
"become" is a verb like any other. There is nothing special about it.

The form with the 's' (becomes) is used only for the third person singular of the present tense. Otherwise, the plain form (become) is used for the present tense and the past form (became) is used for the past tense.

I, you, we, they — walk
he, she — walks
I, you, we, they — become
he, she — becomes

Past (Singular and plural do not make any difference in the past.)
I, you, we, they, he, she — walked
I, you, we, they, he, she — became

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He become 13 today
Anonymous He become 13 today

He becomes 13 today.
He became 13 today.


what about this :

although ice cream became a favorite dessert for my team today, i prefer rujak

is that correct guys?

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file modern 374Although ice-cream became a favorite dessert for my team today, I prefer rujak.

As shown.


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