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Just like Areff said - Walt Disney is in suspended animation.

Like Wile E Coyote, just after he runs off the cliff? (I know he's not Disney, but anyway...).



Another one, post-second-marriage, used to give her children small presents on one another's birthdays: I made a move toward introducing this custom among my own brood, and was surprised to find that they thought it was "stupid".

We've always done that with children of friends and relatives. Not with our own, though.
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"Gwilym Calon" (Email Removed) schrieb im Newsbeitrag
No, it's exquisite: http://www.everythingaustralian.com.au/displayproduct.asp?id=2&cat=Akubra

Well, yes, thankyou for clarifying that.
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in we

CONTRARIWISE! It's one of the Carrollian Humpty Dumpty's linguistic innovations (in Through the Looking Glass ):

I must have been misgoogled.

Too stupid to know anything that Google can't spit out for you, eh?
in we

I must have been misgoogled.

Carroll was there first, but Disney took a brief colloquy and blew it into a major production number (complete with an STS-worthy song),

so it's hardly surprising you want to give the blame
whoops credit to Disney. Alice is probably the worst animated feature turned out by the Disney studios, and Walt himself thought it was the weakest thing he'd ever done.

I liked it a lot!
He blamed the lack of a villain.
The Queen of Hearts, AKA Tony Cooper!
For whatever
reason, he and his troops chopped up the two books almost beyond recognition. This hasn't stopped the Disney company of ... amusement parks (bearing a strong resemblance to Tenniel's Alice, but not identical; I wouldn't be surprised if it was copyrighted)

Who's Tenniel?
to an image on all sorts of things for sale.
She and the QoH were in the video game, Kingdom Hearts. QoH was one of Maleficient's main hoes!
Disney turned out some great stuff over the years (I can forgive an awful lot just for Fantasia* or *Dumbo),

You LIKED Dumbo? What about Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, & The Little Mermaid clasics all?
but the studio has
hijacked a lot of our culture for its own profit.

Disney is a ho!
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CONTRARIWISE! It's one of the Carrollian Humpty Dumpty's linguistic innovations ... hands round it, "they gave it me-for an unbirthday present."

Doh. I should have known.

LOLOLOLOL! "Doh"! I think you mean "DUUHH"!
Hi, say my birthday is on May 30th, which is ... more dictionaries I flip through. How do you call it?

Er...my birthday party? In English, at least, there's no strict requirement that you celebrate your birthday party on your actual anniversary date. If it were a week or so late you might call it 'a belated birthday party'. Unusual to have it a week before.

Many people have birthday parties a week before or a week after the actual date. For example, when my family has family parties, we often have them on the closest Saturday or Sunday (depending on when everyone is freeest); when there's a month with a lot of different birthdays in it, we'll pick a general weekend a celebrate the entire month's worth then. There are no strict requirements. One of my cousins, who's born in March, had her birthday party in like August because it was easier for my aunt to plan it and for all her little friends to get together when there was no school and not so much work for all the mothers.
Hi, say my birthday is on May 30th, which is ... more dictionaries I flip through. How do you call it?

As you've probably gathered by now, there is no translation; not really. "Reinfeiern" implies having a party which spills over ... has that concept because of the tradition that a birthday cannot, under any circumstances, be celebrated before the actual date.

How gay! And I have a tradition that I can only change my underwear on a leap day, and only with the permission of Ozzy Osbourne!

It is even considered bad luck to wish somebody a Happy Birthday in
advance. This leads to the inconvenience of what to do when your birthday happens to fall on a Sunday: invite a lot of bad karma by celebrating the day before, or wait nearly a whole week until the following Saturday?

And what, pray tell, if your birthday falls on a Monday? Referrendum won't work because you can't get crunk on a Sunday-Monday night either! OY! BTW, anyone whose only way of celebrating a birthday is by getting crunk off they ass is obviously from a far more backwards, antiquated culture.
So the concept of "reinfeiern" is born: you just have a party on Saturday night, but, for the sake of ... until midnight; at which point the party-for-no-particular-reason flows seamlessly into the birthday party proper, and out come the candle-laden cakes.

I don't know of any English speaking society with such a taboo on celebrating early. Since the concept of "reinfeiern" ... just tell people that your birthday party is on Saturday. It's stuff like this that makes a translator's job interesting.

Translators shouldn't have to worry about whack-job cultures.
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I wish I had.
I dream of owning a Snowy River Hat.

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