Nowadays, while constructing and decorating a building, purposive use of the building has been considered as playing the most crucial role than its look. While I strongly agree with the above statement, I still hold a belief that its stunning appearance are also significant.

It is obviously true that the first thing to be placed at the top priority when designing something is what we use it for. First of all, if we know exactly why this infrastructure is built, we will have an accurate plan to build and decorate it. For example, as government want to construct a place where stimulate holiday makers and local residents to visit, they will ask employee to build an amusement park or cinema.

However, in order to ensure that this venue will attract other citizens’s attention, builders have to spend a huge time to think about the captivating look of that building. For instance, in Dubai, by emphasising on how a building looks innovative and eye-catching, builders have constructed a skyscraper which reached the peak at above 800 meters. This high-rise has mesmerized and grasped the attention of visitors.

In sum up, personally, before building something, government should pay attention to not only intended purpose but also the charming appearance.



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