and can you please give me some examples ? Emotion: crying
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AnonymousChoose the faulty sentence. 1. Susan is being hired today. 2. You are being contrary today. 3. The dog is being disobedient today. 4. I am being somewhat sad today. 5. Jhon is being belligerent today.
You had already posted this question here . Please don't post the same question in more than one thread.
Grammatically, the items being compared are= what about for this one? what is the meaning of being here, please help..
Emotion: sad
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AnonymousWhat is the meaning of "being here"?
"the fact that I am here" / "the fact that you are here" / "the fact that he is here" (It's great being here.)

That sort of thing.

thank you ;you have helped me to know the usage of being
I ve problem with this meaning ,can anyone explain me pls

The total time counted the time being on this planet.
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AnonymousThe total time counted the time being on this planet.
Sorry, but that's not even correct. I can't understand what it means.

I am not able to understand this part:-

"If something “comes into being”, is “brought into being”, or is “called into being”, it has been formed or been made to exist'

please explain with simple examples.
Think of being in those sentences as meaning existence,
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