Do you find the following lines natural, especially the yellow parts? Any suggestions are welcome.

When I finally walked into the huge building with a humongous hoarding "United International Hotel" on it, it was just like entering the Mary Celeste. There was absolutely not a single soul there. I walked from one room to antoher - and how much can one possibley 'delve into' an altogether new building? - and was totally stupefied as to what to do next.

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This all is, of course, out of context, so it's a bit confusing. However, it seems to be okay to me. delve into is a bit odd, but it could also fit if the concept of 'delving' has already been established.
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Thanks Philips, but I could not understand the point you made about "hoarding". Shouldn't I use this word? What about bill board?

British hoarding = American billboard. I'd leave out "on it".

The style is literary. It's fine. (But it's possibly, not possibley. Probably just a typo.)

Where did you get this? Or did you write it yourself? If the latter, why would you refer to a ship involved in an incident of more than a century ago of which few people know very much, if anything?

Many thanks, CJ.

I wrote it myself, and will change the reference to that ship.

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Mr. TomI wrote it myself, and will change the reference to that ship.
Please don't on my account. It has a certain charm of its own.