Lois: The last thing l remember...l was pulling an eight-inch knife out
of my gut and there was blood everywhere.
l dialed Chloe and l had this.... This chill. And my hands started to tingle.
And then l must have passed out.

Clark: So someone stabbed you?

Lois: A guard. Right here. (Clark watches her like she's out of her mind.)
l know. But there was this warm light all around me.And when l woke up,
the wound was healed. And Chloe was lying
a few feet away, unconscious.

Clark: You said that Lex may have been doing
some experiments down there.

Lois: When l was out, (passed out?)maybe one of his men
did something to me. And Chloe.

Here it means passed out, but not always. eg.. knocked out, alseep
Thanks, Old Man Gordon!