Hello, I have a question regarding when it is appropriated to use "your input is appreciated" in a sentence.

So the situation is that, I emailed someone to get some of his inputs. So before he provide me with his opinion, should I have used "your input is appreciated," or would it make more sense to say "your input will be appreciated?"

First, please note that he provided input, not inputs. It's not countable when you mean "guidance, advice, opinion."

Either of those are fine in this context. There are just basic formulas we use in business email.

I tend to say that I appreciate their time in providing their input. (I may not like what they have to say at all, but I still appreciate that they took the time to provide it.)


I would appreciate it if you could review the attached [whatever it is] and let me know if you have any concerns, corrections, or recommendations.

I may say also say "Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide."

Then I just send with

your kind support will be appreciated for the below subject,