I have a question regarding structure:

In a business letter context, is it wrong to make an introductory sentence such as:

"Dear shareholders,


I thank you all again for investing in our company. I am certain that after today's meeting, you will be delighted with our plan for future growth of our company."

Then to list points of conversation.

"First, we are purchasing XYZ widgets..."
"Second, we are funding a stock repurchase plan...."

Should the letter begin with "First, Welcome!" or "First, I thank you all again..."? Or is it best only use "First, Second..." when addressing your speaking points?

Thanks in advance!
Apart from Latin's remark - which makes sense -, I think it is better to use "first", "second" to introduce your arguments. Your letter will be much clearer to the reader.
I don't see why you would need to say welcome in this context, or thank you. I'll write just about the situation of the company and how this situation is favourable and beneficial to the shareholders. Then you could begin with the points to discuss.
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