When I leave this earth,I sha'll be judged in judgement day.If I go to hell I sha'll burn for ever,but that is not the route I wan't to go.If I make it to heaven there will be no more pain,hunger,or being depressed.

Walking on golden streets would be nice,but first before i leave this earth i sha'll make sure that my work is done.I would make sure my grand children have clothes on their back,have a stable place to live in,because I do not want them to go thru what I've been thru.

I don't want my children thinking how am I going to make it thru the day,I'm sure nobody wants that.When I leave this earth I do not want to leave not knowing I didn't do my job,I want to know I did a good job.So when I leave this earth I will make sure that my job has been well done.
Interesting topic: How do we know what our job is?
For me I can't guarantee what if I will leave material things behined.I'll try my best to leave something.Because sometimes fate or unexpected things happens.I work hard, respect people and be a nice person and helpful.