I was wondering in what situation that is most appropriate to use or begin " One day,....."

Is it right to begin like this as in:
One day, when I was walking home from school, I passed by a shop named Henrys Shop.
Please correct the sentence if there's any mistakes too. Many thanks, everyone! ^o^
It does sound a tad comical - It's been used many times, and should probably be avoided as an opener (eg. To begin a sentence or story)
What is wrong with ' one day ' anywayEmotion: smile

One day can refer to thing in the past or future whereas someday only for the future Emotion: stick out tongue
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Many thanks! ^o^
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I would like to know if you can use "One day" to begin when writing a about a robbery as in:

One day, while some customers were choosing their accessories, as usual, a gang of robbers with guns rushed into the shop. or

would it be better to begin as in:

One afternoon last Sunday, while....

Please advice and correct the sentence above if there's any mistakes. Once again,many many thanks for helping on the topic of robbery! T_T
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