As the title says, when did you start learning English seriously? Did your interest spark in school or did you realize later that you needed to learn it more?
If by "seriously" you mean a conscious desire to learn it (not because you have to do it during your studies), then I started learning English in the end of 2005, just when I joined EF. Emotion: smile
I started learning English in primary school, since the first grade, but because I was in a governmental school - you can't say that I really started at that age. And you can say that I had a problem with English language, I hated it during the school because I didn't get how it works.. It was a hard subject for me Emotion: giggle
Later then, when I started to understand it.. and understand some grammar and so on, I liked it. And I used to study it well in high school. But as I said I wasn't in private high classy school, so learning English was likely to be knowing new words, studying some grammar with no real practice. By the end of last year in high school I was aware of really big amount of English words, grammar and so. but I didn't practice them at all.. It was just knowing those to pass the exams..
But I liked English, and when I was choosing between faculties I put studying English in second place after Engineering. But I was lucky to get my first wish Emotion: smile
When I joined Engineering faculty, I found all the study was in English. And I realized that (after lots of conversations with older people) English language is a must to get a proper job. So, I decided to study it,seriously,and to improve myself in this language. I spent like year and half taking private courses and I was lucky to find this site, because the chatting has already helped me a lot. Since now I am learning, although I stopped the courses because of financial issue... But hopefully I will catch up them soon Emotion: smile
So, I started learning English long years ago ,maybe 12 years ago... but I started it seriously 2-3 years ago.. and I am still working on it.
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I started to learn it seriously as soon as I realised that it would be impossible to learn it other way;). It may be like a dream come true, some day, but for sure I had to take it seriously. Next goal would be to change it, heheheheheh.
I started to learn it many times. I have made more trying until I have found the right way to reach my goals. The right way for me seemed much easier than I believed before: to find friends in the world and learn by passion.
I started to learn English ' seriously ' in 2006, August ... In September I discovered The Chat Page. I miss SO MUCH all friends I made that period. Waving to all of them. I miss you ALL!
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Yes, I got interest after post graduation. i realised later
For me i started to learn it in 2010,(seriously),but we took lessons when we were at primary school,so 10 or 11 years old.and i must say i learn not much at school,(except 2008)no practice,,i studied English when exams were on way.Lessons was just necessary thing for me and for all,,
for my job i dont think i need English ,i think Erasmus now,but i m not sure.Emotion: smile

i wanna tell thaks to EnglishForward,i gained many vocabulary here.,,while chatting,,for grammar i can ask my grammar questions instantly,it is a good website, no need to tell it.Emotion: smileEmotion: embarrassed sorry for my mistakesEmotion: big smile
Twenty years ago.
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