Hi Readers

Hope u all are fine and doing well. This is my first creation in English and i know this is just a trial to check myself either i can write poem in english or not.
I m sure with the appreciation and guidance of you nice people i will proof myself as a reasonable english poet. Oops.

Have a nice day

Thanks n Regards



Just look at this and advice how i can polish it:

When I started to think, I lost my ways
When I started to say, I lost my words
When I started to hold, I lost my hands
When I started to see, I lost my eyes
When I started to feel, I lost my breath
When I started to love, I lost my life

I absolutely loved your poem!
It has an oriental charm to it akin to zen meditation.
There is much to ask but also much to ponder.
Thanx for sharing. : )
Dear Radrook

I am really glad to get your comments on my first junk poem. Thanks a lot.

I really feel energy to write more and more. I have written two more poems and really want to share but don’t know where should I post, either here under in this thread or should I open new thread for new one. Please advice me.

Once again thank for your encouragement

Thanks and Regards

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I would like to see your new poems under new threads.
But Maj can better guide you with the posting rules.

The poem you wrote is not junk.
My opinion of it is sincere.
Kind Regards
Dear Radrook,

Thank you very much for prompt response.
I think MAJ is busy and does not have spare time to spend for we new members. Any way I will post my new poems under new threads.
Once again bundle of thanks for your sincere opinion

Kind Regards
RajiWhen I started to see, I lost my eyes

Said to Basilisk, Cockatrices, and Gorgon.

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When I started to see, I lost my eyes

I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch (Leonard Cohen)