When the 2:50 p.m. bell rang, I threw my books in the locker. Free until tomorrow morning! I ran to the parking lot, excited at the thought of driving a car and being my own boss.

I'm curious about the time 2:50 in the above. Is it the set time that middle school kids leave school in America?
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VeradeYours is the better one!
Thanks, Vera.

But I'm more interested in the reason why you said it that way. What are its different meanings from my version?
I'd never thought about this before..the logistics of the US school bus. I suppose I thought each school has its own buses. It does seem the wrong way round though - as littl'uns bounce out of bed at the crack of dawn yet teenagers are the walking dead until lunchtime!

Over here there aren't really any school buses in that sense. There are a VERY few, mainly for colleges though, so if kids need buses/trains they just use the normal public transport ones and get a free travel pass for them. Best to avoid the buses near the town centres at school kicking out time. Otherwise it's down to the parents to take the kids to school, which clogs up our roads with mums in cars on the school run exactly at rush hour when everyone's trying to get to work. The US school bus idea is an excellent one!
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Angliholic, I was simply writing quickly and as in spoken conversation I did not choose the "cleanest" construction. You have a very good grasp of English indeed! Well done.
Nona, since I live near Washington DC we have little choice but to have elaborate systems everywhere! By the way, there are quite a few parents who would like to change this particular system, but even science does not convince the powers that be.

Angliholic, does our school transportation system make any sense to you?
Nona The BritIt does seem the wrong way round though - as littl'uns bounce out of bed at the crack of dawn yet teenagers are the walking dead

No kidding! Next year, my older child will be in middle school, with a 7:30 pick-up time. I'm dreading this. But when she's in high school, it will probably be about 6:30 or 6:45. I hope sometime in the next four years, she learns to get up to her own alarm clock so I don't have to get up first!

Anyway, we've veered pretty badly off topic, and I still have one more year to enjoy an 8:45 pick up time.

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They expect teenagers to get up at 6am???!!!!

I'd've needed an electric cattle prod.
Yeah Emotion: sad

I think there would be support to switch and make the elementary kids earlier, but the sacred after-school sports programs would have to be adjusted to accomdate that, and you'd have to have all the school districts in one area all agree. I can't imagine children staying in school past five though!
Both of my sister's teenagers get picked up at around 6:40 a.m. My niece is an early riser by nature, so it's no problem at all. She even manages to take the dog for a 10-minute walk in the morning before the bus comes. It's a completely different story with my nephew, though. He'd be much happier if he could sleep til noon every day.
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Dear Angliholic, you must think we are strange! Your question really got us to worry and complain about our schools and our children. But my four kids turned out well and the schools are very good. I think I will show my grandson this thread though and see what he thinks!

Love to all of you. (Hmmm...cattle prod...yessss!)