i am new to this forum.
I just hv a simple question. I just want to know when to use 'does' and when to use 'did' ?
If i am right does goes with present tense and did goes with past tense.


I didn't knew it.
I dosen't know it.

Am i right ?
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you are right wit does

but when we use did there is no need to use second or third form here we only use first form


i didn't know it.

i did not go there.

in the past indefinite we use second form in affirmatime or simple sentenses like,

i knew it.

he knew it.

we never use second form with did because it already a second form of do.

that it.
What you're trying to say is:

I didn't know it. (past)

I don't know it. (present)

But you are correct about this verb:

knew (past verb)

know (present verb)

The English language is very confusing and often has exceptional grammatical rules that does not follow the general rules. I hope I helped rather than caused more confusion.
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Do/Did/Does are usually used in negative and interrogative forms..

Do and Does for Present and Did for Past.Emotion: smile
i didnot know it.

i dont know it
Anonymousi didnot know it.

i dont know it

I did not know it then. I didn't know it then.
I do not know it now. I don't know it now.

did not = didn't
do not = don't

Please pay attention to capital letters and correct punctuation.
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if it is about past then did will be written & most of the time we use sorry for what i did wrong
it should be: I didn't "KNOW" it..
does is use for: example: HE does or SHE does..
please is this sentence correct;

1. That's what babies does

2. He didn't know he offends you
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tada15please is this sentence correct; Can you please tell me if these sentences are correct?
Both are incorrect. Here's what you need:

That's what babies do.
He didn't know he offended you.

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