i am new to this forum.
I just hv a simple question. I just want to know when to use 'does' and when to use 'did' ?
If i am right does goes with present tense and did goes with past tense.


I didn't knew it.
I dosen't know it.

Am i right ?
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I have used does not, is it right or wrong, please reply.........

hitesh Chandna
'Does not' seems OK, but much of the rest of the text I do not understand.
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hey thanks, your very helpful..
really good
doesn't and not dosen't
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Hi I'm not a native speaker but studying the INVERSION in english I came across some unclear situations, at least that's how they are for me. Let me give you an example:

Out went the boy.
Out did the boy go.

Wich of them is the correct choice?

Pick the first one.

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hi tia! i'm joei, i am also a newbie here, anyway i just want to correct the examples.

I didn't know it.
I do not know it.

- "DIDN'T" is already a past tense so we don't have to use another past tense because it will become a redanduncy.
- "DO" or "DO NOT" are use for I, we, you, they, those.

i hope this simple guidance cam help you.
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Hi Joei,

You are a little bit late. Tia's question was posted more than eight years ago.